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RDW began in September of 1990 with the goal to provide NOS parts and service to 1964 ½ to 1973 Mustangs. It wasn’t long before they began including reproduction parts to go along with the NOS parts and then extended the service to include all years of the Mustangs.

RDW now offers service, performance upgrades, parts and restoration of all Mustangs as well as general automotive service of foreign and domestic cars. We have restored and/or performed service to T-bird’s, Cougars, Falcons, Galaxie’s, Shelby’s, Cobras, Camaros, Corvette’s, Bronco’s, as well as many other vehicles.

We are Northern Nevada’s largest supplier of reproduction and performance parts for Ford Mustangs.

Our services include all drivetrain repair, engine and transmission rebuild, clutch and brake repair, tune ups and all the services listed on our services page as well as interior upgrades, painting of the interior, upgrading the upholstery and carpet, headliner replacement, radio/stereo repair or replacement along with speakers.


Hot August Nights is here!  And to help celebrate, we have teamed up with Capital Ford in Carson City and News Talk 780 KOH to put on the Match the Mustang contest.  Simply visit the website below and match the mustang to the sound of the engine!  For a chance to win $300 let’s see how well you know your ponies!



RDW Automotive
RDW Automotive
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I took the car out today for the first time since new years. My schedule and the weather haven't let me do much more with it. I gave it a few pumps and it turned right over. I'm amazed how well that old car drives down the road. It was so squirrely before. It has such better handling now. I'm still getting used to the idle at a stop. I know. It's not a modern car. I get that. It sounds very v-8ish and rumbly, and when your not used to it, you want to go out and see if a spark plug wire came loose---but the car doesn't hesitate or sputter off the line. I've been invited to some Capital Classics shows by the promoter after he was wowed by the 6cyl/AC/AT combo. (A guy I work with knows him and he saw it) Says it's rare to still find the 6. Most people drop in the 289. What a proud feeling it is to drive that car (just to be seen.) And believe me, I can not go anywhere in it without drawing attention. Thanks Ron


"RDW Automotive is a great place. It is one of the only shops where I can say the mechanics here are completely ethical and honest. They do any work I don't do for myself." Dated November 11, 2011

Chris Waddle

"Love this place!" Dated April 13, 2011

Carla Walker

"The best, most honest automobile repair facility I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with." Dated April 16, 2011

Doug Gompertz

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