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So you are probably asking, where did the name RDW come from and what can you tell me about your business?

Ron Wheeler in his youth was influenced with auto repairing by his father who fixed and/or serviced the family vehicles as needed. Ron always had his hands in there whenever possible. He was always curious what made things work, so he spent many hours taking things apart, just to put them back together to see if he could get them to work again or make them better than before.

So when it came time for Ron to have his own vehicle, his parents had a Ford Fairlane sitting in the driveway that didn’t run, they told him if he could get it to run, he could have it. So with a little tweaking and some time, it was running and he took it to and from school. While taking all his regular high school classes, Ron also took as many automotive classes that were being offered. So one day during one of his auto shop classes, one of his friends asked if he would like to trade straight across – Ron’s Fairlane, for Doug’s 66 Mustang (with a newly rebuilt engine). Ron agreed, the Mustang dream has now been planted.

Ron graduated in the top 12 of his class of approximately 250 + students. Following graduation from Sparks High School, Ron attended Phoenix Institute of Technology (PIT) in Phoenix, AZ to advance his education in auto repair. While at PIT, the muscle car scene was very big and it inspired Ron to look further into Mustang restoration opportunities. On one weekend, Ron was driving around the Fountain Hills area in Phoenix and came upon a Mustang and Shelby show. It was the first time he had the opportunity to spend time drooling over a “REAL” Shelby 427 Cobra as well as a Shelby Mustang GT500KR. The dream is getting bigger now! A short time after graduating with honors, Ron returned to Sparks and began working for a small, independent and very reputable general service repair shop.

It wasn’t long after that Ron met up with his childhood sweetheart, Dianna and they married 10 short months later. They have two children, a son and a daughter who have both spent time assisting in the family business, but are each now married and have careers and families of their own.

Through the 10 years of employment at Auto Engine Clinic, Ron also worked after hours in his garage at home building and restoring cars on the side and later spent 1 ½ years at a Mustang Restoration shop. This gave Ron the desire to own his own Mustang shop and know that there can be success in such a business. So he began acquiring parts and customers. Ron was able to obtain a good sized new and used parts inventory and decided to start his own business in April 1993. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the name RDW is derived from Ron and Dianna’s initials as well as their last name initial.

RDW began in a 2000 square foot building, but it wasn’t long before there was a need for more space and employees. In December of 1996, Dianna quit her job and joined Ron as a husband and wife team.

We have many loyal local customers as well as customers from as far away as Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Mexico and Hawaii.

We have worked on everyday driver mustangs as well as many Superformance Cobras, Shelby GT350’s, Shelby GT500’s, 4000 Series Shelby Cobra’s, Boss 302s, Boss 429s, Boss 351s, Cougars, Mach I’s, Race Cars, Restomods, etc.

We now have 10,500 square feet of space including a 1500 square foot retail store, rack of used parts and the ability to do complete restorations save for body and paint and currently have 3 employees.

We continue to enjoy what we do, serving the Lord, serving our customers and loving the cars.

RDW Automotive
RDW Automotive
1186 Telegraph St
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Call Us: 775-323-1362
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I took the car out today for the first time since new years. My schedule and the weather haven't let me do much more with it. I gave it a few pumps and it turned right over. I'm amazed how well that old car drives down the road. It was so squirrely before. It has such better handling now. I'm still getting used to the idle at a stop. I know. It's not a modern car. I get that. It sounds very v-8ish and rumbly, and when your not used to it, you want to go out and see if a spark plug wire came loose---but the car doesn't hesitate or sputter off the line. I've been invited to some Capital Classics shows by the promoter after he was wowed by the 6cyl/AC/AT combo. (A guy I work with knows him and he saw it) Says it's rare to still find the 6. Most people drop in the 289. What a proud feeling it is to drive that car (just to be seen.) And believe me, I can not go anywhere in it without drawing attention. Thanks Ron


"RDW Automotive is a great place. It is one of the only shops where I can say the mechanics here are completely ethical and honest. They do any work I don't do for myself." Dated November 11, 2011

Chris Waddle

"Love this place!" Dated April 13, 2011

Carla Walker

"The best, most honest automobile repair facility I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with." Dated April 16, 2011

Doug Gompertz

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