As you can probably imagine, I run into many issues when assisting with restoration of Mustangs. One of the most annoying issues is dealing with steering wheel replacement. I’m not talking about replacing your original wheel with a Grant steering wheel, I’m talking about replacing your steering wheel with a new steering wheel that is “supposed” to emulate the original wheel.

Here’s one of the issues: On the back of the new 64 ½ - 66 steering wheel is a turn signal cancelling clip, and the spring tension for that canceller is not tight enough (or too weak). There are a couple of things to do to fix this issue; 1) Tack weld the clip to the hub, or 2) take the original Orange clip off of the original wheel and install it on the new wheel (providing it is not broken, of course).

Placement of the clip: You will have your steering wheel upside down laying on a flat surface with the spokes at 2, 6 & 10 o’clock . The clip will then be placed on the back of the wheel in the 3 o’clock position (on the right as you are looking at the back of the wheel).

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